Ochutnej něco lepšího!


About us

Our company was created under the name of DRUID CZ Ltd. in December 2004 but it continues previous long-year experience in business with healthy nutrition assortment. The predecessor of our company, Ing. Tomáš Aubrecht-DRUID company in which a number of the current employees worked, had been founded in autumn 1991 already, so that in 2016 we celebrated 25 years of existence in the challenging and rapidly changing foodstuff market.


The goal of our company is to enrich the Czech market with attractive nutritional products developed by us in cooperation with national manufacturers or searched by us at foreign markets. When choosing products for our portfolio, we strive to fulfil our slogan: “Taste something better!”, offering foodstuffs with added value to the more and more demanding customers.

They frequently rank among the highest quality products in their category, like cane sugar from Mauritius, couscous from Morocco, maple syrup from Canada, wines from South France, extra virgin olive oils from Spain, Grandmother’s noodles made in the Czech Republic and in the France, etc.


Our company is manufacturer of unique and favourite Grandmother’s noodles. In case of foreign commodities and products we are direct importers from the countries of origin. We go on extending our DRUID product line developed in cooperation with national and international manufacturers.

Both multinational department store chains and independent stores within the whole Czech Republic are our customers; we export some of our products more and more to other countries.

We can boast of a very sophisticated distribution system to almost 3.000 end customers, particularly retail stores. We provide for the distribution of our products from the central warehouse at Vráto near České Budějovice through our own car park and a team of reliable drivers. Our important customers include e.g. COOP Centrum, Billa, Globus, Tesco (Czech Republic and Slovakia), Ahold, etc.

We offer our products also to a network of independent shops all over the Czech Republic through our own business representatives.

DRUID CZ Ltd. goes on developing very dynamically, but the original idea stays unchanged – Taste something better!

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