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Rate this product Javorový sirup (Grade A Amber Rich Taste) DRUID 250 ml

Maple syrup (Grande A Amber Rich Taste) 250ml

Maple syrup is a one of the most characteristic Canadian products. Its made from sap of canadian ,,sugar“ maples (Acer saccharum) growing predominantly in the Canadian province of Quebec. These special maples grow only in the northeastern part of North America and during the 250 years of their life reach a height of 30 m and diameter of  a stem 90 cm.

Nowadays maple syrup is popular all over the world. Canadians and Americans love it on waffles and pancakes. The Germans add it to the muesli, the Australians put a small amount on the grapefruit, the Belgians sweeten coffee with it, the Californians pour the syrup over the ice cream, and people from the Arab world mix it into yoghurt.

In addition to direct home use, maple syrup is also widely used in many food industries, particularly in the manufacture of confectionery, pastry and pastries, but also in the preparation of various meals, the production of liqueurs and alcoholic beverages.

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No colouring, no artificial flavour or preservatives make syrup 100% pure and nature, contains vitamins and minerals.


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